CDMO/CMO Services

After years of accumulation, Huateng Pharma has accumulated a large amount of professional knowledge and experience in process research and development. In order to better serve customers, we have built a CDMO technology platform, equipped with professional R&D, production and QC teams, established a pilot and scale-up production workshop that meets GMP standards. It’s also equipped with professional equipment and facilities for reactions such as hydrogenation reactions, ammoniation reactions and so on. We are committed to providing efficient, flexible and all-round solutions with rich experience in process development and scale-up production for customers all over the world.

We are able to provide:

● Customized R&D and production of APIs, intermediates and other chemicals ranging from grams to tons

● Process optimization and rapid scale-up of APIs, intermediates and other chemicals of existing synthetic processes

● Development of a more environmentally safe production process

Commercial Production

Huateng Pharma has a 34000m2 manufacturing site in China, enabling a seamless one stop process development service from concept to commercialization. We also have complete and scientific quality management system assures the quality of CDMO services and meets commercial needs for our clients worldwide.