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Huateng Pharma has established a 5000 m2 R&D center and a 34000 m2 state-of-the-art, large-scale manufacturing site capable of gramscale to tonne-scale production. Up to now, Huateng Pharma has developed thousands of mid- to high-end biopharmaceutical products.

PEG Derivatives

Huateng Pharma is a leading supplier of PEG derivatives (mPEGs) with thousands of PEG derivatives, covering monodispersed and polydispersed structures with molecular weights ranging from 200 to 4w. Our wide range of functional groups covers active esters, maleimides, sulfhydryl, amino, azide, phospholipids, fluorescein, etc. We are able to provide single-selective PEGylation solutions based on site-specific modification construction, PEG double linker construction, and multi-active site drugs. And we provide quality products and services to customers worldwide for a wide range of applications in long-acting targeted drug delivery, medical device renovation, diagnostic analysis, aesthetic surgery, medical devices, and 3D printing.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Huateng Pharma has its own raw material production base, where the production management team has decades of experience in plant production and management to ensure the production of various products at the lowest cost, the fastest speed and the highest quality according to various customer requirements. We have specialized facilities for high-temperature and high-pressure reactions as well as low-temperature continuous-flow reactions, enabling us to produce a wide range of customer-oriented products with high cost performance. We are capable of producing various pharmaceutical intermediates such as intermediates for carfilzomib, baloxavir marboxil, etc, from gram to metric ton scale.


Huateng Pharma supports our customers in rapidly defining synthesis routes and optimizing processes. For marketed drugs, we can develop new processes and scale-up services for our customers that are better or do not infringe on existing patents, involving process route screening, experimental study design, process development and optimization, impurity synthesis and characterization, technology transfer services, and milligram to ton scale up.


Huateng Pharma integrates domestic and international professional teams and preparation technologies, specializing in innovative and generic drug development, process scale-up, technology transfer and optimization, lifecycle management, quality development and registration declaration support. With our professional team and dedicated technology, we solve preparation development and manufacturing problems for global pharmaceutical companies, and support our customers to rapidly advance and market their new drugs. We provide development and manufacturing